Nine Proven Steps To Enhance Your DevOps Strategy

A winning Devops strategy is essential to the success of today’s digital businesses. According to a recent study, performed by Puppet in conjunction with DevOps Research Assessment team, high-performing IT organizations are deploying up to 200 times more frequently than low performers. They have a 3x lower change failure rate. However, the most staggering number may be that high performers are able to deploy changes to successfully running production code 2,555x faster.

Though the benefits of a DevOps strategy are apparent, implementing a DevOps strategy that truly delivers can be a challenge. DevOps is a holistic approach that requires a cohesive operating process and a culture of collaboration. Therefore, it’s important to choose a DevOps consulting partner with a complete skill set, and a thorough understanding of the DevOps process.

Sphere Software has developed a nine-step approach any organization can use to enhance its DevOps process. Sphere has used this approach to help its clients — from startups to Fortune 500s — succeed. Additionally, this white paper features Sphere’s work with Fuse Universal.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to choose the right DevOps partner
  2. Sphere’s nine proven steps to enhance your DevOps strategy
  3. How Sphere DevOps strategy consulting helped Fuse Universal succeed
  4. Sphere’s three principles for effective DevOps client engagements