Top 5 Staff Augmentation Trends in 2023

Our day-to-day lives may have returned back to normal, but the effects of the pandemic are here for the long haul. And this shows in the IT field. In just a few months after the start of the pandemic, the demand for rapid digital transformation brought a decade’s worth of change across sectors and regions, with IT being at the core of this transformation. 

Instead of hiring internal full-time developers, businesses now opt for various other staffing models. This whitepaper explores the trends in one of the most popular: staff augmentation. 


  1. Staffing Models
  2. Companies Focus on Efficiency and Seek to Hire More Resourceful and Impactful Talent
  3. Abundance of Junior and Mid-level Developers in the Market
  4. The Demand for Developers with AI, Machine Learning, and Similar Skills Is On The Rise
  5. Diversification of Skills by Building a Network of Talent
  6. Changing Preferences in Engagement Models
  7. Partnering With a Trusted Staff Augmentation Provider