Transforming EV Charging Technology and Addressing Network Disruptions

Sphere Partners has been at the forefront of developing and refining technology solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and their connectivity requirements. Collaborating with various companies, Sphere Partners has been instrumental in addressing network disruptions associated with electric vehicle charging management systems, ensuring accurate tracking of electricity dispensed, and enabling precise billing. By solving challenges introduced by network disruptions, Sphere Partners has revolutionized EV charging, benefiting both users and businesses charging for electricity. This article will explore how Sphere Partners has worked with other companies and continues to seek new partnerships to enhance EV charging management software and technology and overcome network disruptions for reliable and accurate charging experiences.

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For electric vehicles to become more widespread, commercial charging stations with accurate Wi-Fi is a must, plus is a part of a huge cycle of needs shown here.

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Partnerships in Developing and Refining Technology

Sphere Partners recognizes the significance of collaboration and partnership in driving innovation and refining technology for EV charging management systems. Over the years, we have actively worked with a wide range of stakeholders, including charging station manufacturers, EV manufacturers, network service providers, and utility companies to develop comprehensive solutions that address the challenges associated with network disruptions and accurate billing.

Through collaborations with charging station manufacturers, Sphere Partners has contributed to the development of cutting-edge charge point units that are equipped with advanced connection resiliency features. These units ensure seamless integration with EV charging management software via the Internet, enabling real-time data transmission and tracking of charging sessions. By combining their expertise in software development and connectivity, Sphere Partners has enhanced the reliability and accuracy of data exchange between the EV charging load management infrastructure and backend systems.

Additionally, we have partnered with EV manufacturers to optimize the communication protocols between vehicles and charging stations. By aligning their EV charging management system software solutions with EV manufacturers’ specifications, Sphere Partners’ designs ensure consistent and reliable access to charging stations. This collaboration has played a crucial role in improving the overall user experience, reducing friction from uncontrolled EV charger load management, and avoiding system unavailability caused by inconsistent communication between EVs and charging infrastructure.


Addressing Network Disruptions and Ensuring Accurate Billing

One of the significant challenges faced by EV charging infrastructure is network disruptions, which can lead to the loss of tracking data, inaccurate billing, and financial losses for Charge Point Operations and Electric Mobility Service Providers. Our team of software engineers recognized this issue and devised a groundbreaking solution aimed at addressing this situation.

In the event of a network connection disruption to the EV charging management software, Sphere Partners’ software continues to cache data on the charge point unit, mimicking an offline mode. This offline mode ensures that the charge point units continue to accurately count and track the amount of electricity dispensed, even without an active network connection. Once the network connection is restored, the charging data is synchronized with the backend systems, providing a comprehensive and accurate record of the charging session.  This offline mode functionality not only eliminates the risk of data loss but also ensures accurate billing for EV users and charging businesses. 

Sphere Partners’ solution has proven to be a game-changer in the EV charging load management industry. By mitigating the impact of network disruptions on tracking and billing, this innovation has significantly enhanced the reliability and trustworthiness of charging infrastructure. EV users can now have complete confidence in billing accuracy while charging businesses can optimize their revenue streams and ensure transparency in their operations.


Continued Partnership Opportunities and Future Development

Sphere Partners remains committed to ongoing collaborations and partnerships with companies to drive further advancements in electric vehicle charging management system technology. By engaging with charging station manufacturers, EV manufacturers, network service providers, and utility companies, Sphere Partners aims to enhance connectivity, data exchange, and charging infrastructure management.

Future developments may include the integration of advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize charging sessions, predict network disruptions, and proactively address potential issues. Sphere Partners will continue to work closely with partners to develop intelligent solutions that ensure seamless charging experiences and accurate billing.


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