Electrify 23: Driving Decarbonization

By Alex Perez, Senior Client Partner

Electrify 23 recently concluded its online, collaborative experience that provided an opportunity to foster connections and thought leadership between leaders decarbonizing and electrifying fleets. With visionary keynotes, interactive presentations, and vibrant speed networking, the event proved to be a nexus of innovation and inspiration.

Key Takeaways:

Innovative Insights: Renowned speakers like Dr. Shelley Francis shared some of the main concerns organizations and governments have when it comes to Fleet Management. Some examples are: Charging Infrastructure, where should they charge? How long does it take to charge, and how does that fit into the strategy? All of these should be part of any organization’s strategy and education phase. Has your organization built the right expectations into the overall strategy?  

Engaging Insights: In-depth discussions provided attendees with practical knowledge, fostering collaboration in areas such as solar panels and energy from vacant buildings.

Speed Networking: Electrify 23 facilitated networking opportunities, connecting like-minded individuals and catalyzing future collaborations. The industry is hungry for knowledge, and at the same time, open to meeting new partners, companies, and leaders that have started their electrification strategy. 

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Closing Thoughts:

Electrify 23 underscored the collective commitment to sustainable progress and the openness everyone in the industry has to learn, partner, network, and ask questions. As the conference wrapped up, attendees departed with renewed passion and determination to drive positive change in the electrification landscape. The event not only highlighted current achievements but also kindled the spark of the possibility of a cleaner, greener world.

Sphere Partners is excited to have been part of this groundbreaking event and is committed to staying at the forefront of the electrification revolution. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue exploring the dynamic landscape of clean energy and electrification. We’ll see you at GreenBiz next month!

To your success,

Alex Perez

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