The Challenge

The client company wanted to adjust their operational reporting capability in response to rapid growth and were outgrowing their current system. They sought a more comprehensive solution to fit their more complex business operational stance and needed a partner skilled in understanding and setting up such a system and tailoring it to their needs.

Specifically, they were experiencing performance issues with reporting, inventory management, budgeting, sales processes. The old ERP solution was more focused on accounting and transactional reporting and did not accommodate their growing need for overall ERP functionality. They wanted to utilize more integrated capabilities than the old solution could provide.

How It Was Solved

We went through discovery of the client challenge and status to understand the business challenge with their business processes to come up with a solution to fit the size and growth trajectory of the client business.

We recommended SAP as the preferred platform in this case because it would allow for a more integrated ERP solution.

We implemented [finance and accounting, fp&a (financial planning and analysis), sales module and inventory management modules). 

Implementation was done by the SAP certified implementation team in accordance with best practices.

The Results

Better internal controls and better monitoring of the business as a whole led increased accountability and reporting, and allowed the company to better compete.