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The electric vehicle (EV) industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, necessitating the rise of eMobility Service Providers (EMSP) to facilitate the seamless integration of EVs into our daily lives.

Working with Sphere gives you access to a team of experienced EV software engineers to develop cutting-edge software, bring it up to date, and ensure smooth integrations for all EMSP needs.

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Electric Mobile Software Providers (EMSP)
Software Customization and Development Solutions

Sphere specializes in software development for EMSPs, offering strategic consulting and immediate access to senior product and software engineers to enhance your custom EV software solution.

Proven Industry Expertise

Sphere's engineers are well-versed in EV technologies and software development, enabling us to understand the unique requirements of your EMSP and develop tailored solutions.

Integration and Development

Develop necessary integrations, enabling seamless connections between your EMSP software, charging stations, payment systems, fleet management tools, and other components of your infrastructure.

Product Strategy

Review and design your offerings to unlock their true value. We’ll help you meet your customers’ needs, transform their experiences and keep your organization responsive, innovative and nimble.

Software Updates and Support

Update your EMSP software to keep pace with the evolving industry standards and technological advancements, ensuring that your system remains efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

Strategic CTO Advisory

With a global network of experienced E-Mobility and Electrification CTOs and coaches, we take time to understand your immediate challenges and then find the best solution for your requirements.

EV Software Development Engagement Models

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E2E Product Development

Turn your EV software product vision to reality at scale. Conceptualize, plan and develop your ideas into robust, industry-changing products from end-to-end.

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Augmented Teams

Fulfill immediate resource gaps by onboarding our skilled product engineers with 5 years of EV and electro mobility experience under your direction and alongside your existing technology teams.

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Turn-Key Dev Teams

Assemble team pods governed by industry-leading processes to deliver your roadmap at a faster rate. This independent pod can be scaled/adjusted throughout the project.

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Rapid MVPs

Quickly activate your EV MVP within weeks for immediate market testing. Design a cost-efficient software prototype from the ground up through our simple 5-step development process.

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eMobility Service Providers play a vital role in facilitating the widespread adoption and efficient operation of electric vehicles.
Collaborating with Sphere can enable your EMSP company to develop and update software, integrate various components of your infrastructure, and leverage the expertise of qualified EV software engineers.

Contact Sphere today to embark on a journey of software development excellence in the EV space.

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Benefits of Outsourcing EMSP Software Development to Sphere

Outsourcing your software development needs to Sphere offers several benefits, allowing you to deliver your products to market faster, cheaper, and with higher quality.

Faster Time-to-Market: By leveraging Sphere’s expertise and experience, you can accelerate the development process, ensuring your software is ready for deployment within shorter timeframes.

Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing software development to Sphere eliminates the need for hiring and training additional in-house resources, reducing overhead costs while accessing a team of qualified EV software engineers.

Enhanced Quality: Sphere’s engineers have a proven track record in the EV industry, ensuring the software they develop meets high-quality standards and fulfills your EMSP’s specific requirements.

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