How Resource and Staff Augmentation Can Provide Winning Innovative Strategies

Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed the innovation of everyday products on a historic scale. This innovation has transformed even our most basic institutional, cultural, and social norms and practices — and it’s happening faster than ever before. For example, the data storage market saw this as floppy disks evolved into CDs, CDs evolved into flash drives, and flash drives evolved into cloud storage all within a few decades. Resource and Staff Augmentation has introduced technological breakthroughs that can be deemed life-changing and are constantly emerging. Competition is now a factor that even the largest enterprises have to take into consideration; and with agile startups centered all throughout the world, those enterprises are just one disruptive idea away from meeting their maker.

In a world where even the smallest of teams can utilize resource and staff augmentation to bring a competitive advantage to the table, what makes for a winning innovation formula? Conventional wisdom tells us to play it safe by developing organizational strategies that yield proven results. We’re supposed to “follow these guidelines,” adhere to business models, and prioritize incremental growth. These were our former models of innovation, but times have changed.

Coming from a large enterprise, it can be difficult to make such an abrupt shift in your company’s culture. Therefore, it may be time to consider conducting resource and staffing augmentation with highly versatile, highly experienced talent in the form of consultants, freelancers, and other professional contractors. Innovation is happening at a faster rate than we can keep up with. With the proper resource augmentation and staff optimization, you can revamp your team with fresh talent that brings new ideas to the table and can help your business stay ahead of the curve.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to IT staff consulting, so having an expert to walk you through an IT consulting process will clarify any confusion and set you in the right direction.

There’s More To Augmentation Than Meets The Eye

Resource and staff augmentation is a fairly new concept of outsourcing that involves infusing your business with skilled professionals that can help your internal innovation team “think outside the box.” This is mainly due to the fact that these professionals don’t fall under the constraints of your company’s norms and expectations.

Think about it. Your internal staff has been trained under a certain structure with the stakeholders’ and consumers’ best interests in mind — which is fine, but this applied structure may discourage them from taking risks and inhibit innovative ideas. A resource and staff augmentation firm like sphere, is hired on to help a business’ internal team analyze trends and revisit an industry’s best practices. This can help breathe new life into your team, and reach business objectives faster and more efficiently.

Resource & Staff Augmentation Meets Innovation

Businesses that utilize resource and staff augmentation are reaping most of the rewards early on compared to businesses using outdated processes. One of the biggest reasons why more and more large enterprises are failing at innovation is because their processes are too slow and too calculated. We live in an age where the most innovative ideas are based on some form of risk — and the highest risks may yield the best results.

Startups are great at replicating effective innovation formulas because they don’t have the constraints that most large enterprises have, i.e. there aren’t millions of dollars, jobs, and stakeholders on the line. This is not to say that all high-risk ideas are innovative. As a matter of fact, most won’t even leave the drawing board. But where startups succeed is by taking risks and moving quickly on ideas they feel are innovative. Resource and staff augmentation is one of the most innovative and modern options available.

Allow for creative thought. If there’s one thing our Sphere Software teams have learned about innovation, it’s that one size does not fit all. Don’t allow a rigid set of norms to inhibit innovation. Because of our fast-moving society, and increased expectations from consumers, it is up to a business to predict where the ball will fall, analyze the risk, and move quickly. Boost your enterprise with a startup mentality and make this possible through our services. Make it clear to both your internal staff and contingent employees what the business objectives are, and you’d be surprised by how effective that brainstorming session will be.

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