Social media ecommerce solution generates 15% revenue increase for global client

A Global Women’s Apparel and Accessories Company had a social media presence of 275,000 followers. They weren’t quite sure how to monetize this but knew they were missing an opportunity to do so. They wanted to create an instant, seamless shopping experience for customers through Instagram but needed help doing so.

Ecommerce solution saves client $1.2 million in IT costs

A global women’s apparel and accessories company had a dilemma. Every time content needed to be updated on the website, an IT ticket had to be entered and it took a long time to get new content published. It was a slow and inefficient process. The retailer was looking for a new solution that would streamline the process to get new content online quickly and easily with no hassle.

Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence – Video on Demand

By conducting extensive primary research on their TAM (total addressable market), we sought to understand the client’s market demand, their ability to maintain the target’s customers, and the viability of the technology. Technical threats and opportunities associated with the acquisition were also examined in detail.

Distributor Achieves Streamlined Operations, Ability to Scale with NetSuite

Distributors have to think about scaling up, strategically expanding their product offering, and increasing their sales, while retaining their customer base to an ever-evolving client-driven market. Learn how Sphere helped one company streamline their operations with NetSuite.

Software Division Carve-Out by Private Equity Firm

Given the nature of the transaction (Carve-Out), the seller(parent company) retained all of its business infrastructure including all of the core business applications such as ERP, CRM, PSA, Web, HR, Ecommerce, data warehouse, analytics and intranet. The seller company agreed to provide 6-months of support for the new entity to completely transition and rollout its own set of applications.