The Challenge

As an early-stage startup, Experify’s resources were limited. With an alpha version of its service up and running, the company needed additional resources to complete the next version, incorporating additional functionality and scalability.

Co-Founder of Experify, René Pfitzner, chose to collaborate with Sphere Software to temporarily augment Experify’s development resource capabilities and accelerate its time to market. According to Pfitzner, “Speed is a big issue for startups, and being fast and quick to market is a huge selling point. What was most important for us was having 1.5 full-time equivalent freelancers that were highly flexible, dedicated, completely available for six weeks, to get things done quicker.”

How We Solved It

Sphere consultants met with Experify to discuss requirements. It was essential for Experify to have highly skilled full-stack development to effectively launch Experify’s service. “We asked them to provide the best developers, and they did. Oftentimes, independent contractors work on other client projects, and a middle manager is required; but that was not the case with Sphere. Sphere provided excellent full-stack development manpower to augment our team and work with us,” said Pfitzner.

The Results

Evaluating Experify’s requirements, Sphere chose one of its developers to become part of Experify’s team for six weeks. “The developer Sphere provided was very quick, had a keen understanding, and was flexible and adaptable. This is what Sphere provided. I’m very happy how it worked,” said Pfitzner.  “Internally with the team, we have a lot of hats to wear. Sphere really helped us get this next version ready in less than half the time than if we had to rely only on internal resources.”