The Challenge

The CPA firm out of Fort Worth, Texas was utilizing’s integrations with “Make” (formerly Integromat) to automate messages that need to be sent to their clients. The previous partner had built this integration incorrectly causing “Make” to frequently fail. This caused a major impact to the business due to clients being upset for the lack of updates and communication.

How It Was Solved

One of Sphere’s talented consultants got in contact with the firm, analyzed the current setup and found that the code in use for the integration was poorly built and is hosted with the previous developer, who wasn’t responding to the client. So Sphere decoupled the integration that was built on the previous partner’s cloud-hosted environment. Sphere then helped the CPA firm build their own hosting environment and rebuilt and enhanced the integration based on everything that was learned during the detailed discovery phase.

We had a daily update throughout the process for the client to explain issues we found and how they were resolved, keeping them updated and making our team and their team feel like one team.

The Results

Sphere was able to diagnose and solve the business-critical issue within a week of when the client reached out for support. We built an effective and more efficient integration using to ensure the integration had no issues. We continue to work with this client as consultants to ensure their workOS platform is utilized to its maximum potential.