The Challenge

In an interesting turn of events, the client placed more value on the business assets (the customers and vendor network) than the technology that ran the business. As a result, the scope of this due diligence was maintenance focused – what are the costs to maintain the technology, transition the customers, then decommission the technology over a 12-18 month period?

How We Solved It

The target company used an outdated operating-system as well as an external software development team. The target’s small internal team knew very little about the inner-workings of the technology. It was also learned that the external development team’s agreement included a revenue share that complicated a potential acquisition and created serious financial risk:

  • Finding talent familiar with the dated technology would be difficult and expensive
  • The old operating system was nearing end-of-life forcing an immediate migration to the cloud.
  • Security issues from the old OS required additional cybersecurity assessments as part of the OS migration
  • Re-negotiation of the external development team’s contract was mandatory.


The client was willing to take a number of risks because the business value of the acquisition outweighed the technology limitations. However, a  risk mitigation plan was put into place that included:

  • Renegotiate the external development team’s contract
  • Migrate from the outdated OS to AWS
  • Following the OS migration, lock-down security, and run “as is” for 12 months until the transition is ready

The Results

For each risk, a mitigation plan was put in place. Understanding the risks, the client made the decision to acquire the business and technical assets of the target. The OS migration was successful.