The Challenge

With widespread popularity of mobile personal financial services apps, OneMain Financial had implemented its app, “OneMain” for personal and auto loans. After a period of deployment, OneMain noticed that the mobile app soon became a primary source, and preferred device type of customers looking to quickly and conveniently apply for loans without ever setting foot into a bank.

To ensure continuous delivery of the mobile app, and satisfy its customer base, OneMain decided to implement end-to-end mobile test automation. However, a lack of in-house skill sets to successfully execute project, became a barrier. To address the skills gap, OneMain turned to Sphere Software.

“It’s challenging to find talent,” said VP of Engineering, Sergio Rabiela. “I’ve worked with Sphere for over 10 years across two different organizations because I know they understand best practices for software engineering. They’ve always been able to help with all aspects of work from strategy and design, to implementation and training. It just made sense to contact Sphere to successfully execute the project. I didn’t even need to consider any other IT consulting and services partner.”

Sphere Partners

How We Solved It

Having a longstanding relationship with Sphere Software, Rabiela chose to again work with the organization, and Senior QA Automation Engineer of Sphere Software, Ivan Neverov. Rabiela discussed his requirements, and Sphere’s Neverov worked to custom tailor a solution.

After analyzing the requirements and applications, Sphere built a mobile automation framework and setup builds on Jenkins open source automation server. Neverov worked with Rabiela, providing other recommendations, and implemented technologies such as Ruby, Capybara, Appium, Browserstack, Jenkins, RSpec, and SitePrism to successfully implement the automated mobile test coverage for Android and iOS applications.

The Results

The overall build process has been quicker and more efficient than OneMain Financial had originally anticipated. While working with Sphere to execute the project, OneMain is able to free up its in-house resources to focus on other projects.

When asked if OneMain Financial would recommend Sphere Software, Rabiela stated: “Yes, we would highly recommend Sphere Software. Sphere works with the client to custom tailor a solution – for whatever they need, to any scale they need. Sphere came in and reviewed all of the aspects – and recommended tools they thought would be beneficial. They not only built the infrastructure – but trained our folks on how to use it.”