The Challenge

Our client’s Intranet was hard to maintain, clunky and not well suitable for collaboration. They weren’t able to have team leaders’ input. The quality and accuracy of the content wasn’t up to date and wasn’t matching their speed of movement in the market. Their previous Intranet didn’t have a space where team members from various departments could add content quickly and easily.

They wanted to have the ability to roll up standard operating procedures from each department into a master catalogue across various departments. With this in mind, they sought an Intranet that enabled them to collaborate in real-time with a well-structured interface, creating a space where team members from various departments can provide content and executives can easily access.

How It Was Solved

We advised our client to use Confluence for Intranet that we knew would provide the functionality and collaboration our client was looking for. We launched Atlassian Confluence Intranet for our client, a process which included:

  • Discovery workshops with all the different departments to capture requirements
  • Scoping out their ideal end state for what the company’s Intranet should contain 
  • Created easy to access and navigate team pages for every department to have a space in which to provide content 
  • Implementation plan to go live with new Atlassian Confluence Intranet 
  • Design review and tweaking to ensure we match client’s expectations and fulfil requirements of various departments of the company 
  • Integrated add-ons not native to Confluence, including Google Calendar functionality for every department
  • Training sessions for our newly onboarded client to get up to speed with their new Intranet, tailored for various types of users 

The Results

We migrated our client’s existing content from the old Intranet to a new, more convenient Intranet tailored to their needs, Confluence Atlassian. We built a functionality that enabled standard operating procedures to be rolled up from a department level to a company level, aggregating them and essentially creating a master catalogue. This SOPs hierarchical structure within Confluence Intranet offers convenient, aggregated access for executives’ view. We offer training and continue to work with our client to further support them and get them up to speed with their new Intranet.