The Challenge

Sphere was approached by a high profile Fintech company that offers a suite of settlement, custody and network services to participants in the digital asset industry. Our client needed a team ready to hit the ground running to flush out and maintain their application stack consisting of several React based client side-web apps, several node.js backend apps, an API service, and several distinct databases, all deployed to AWS.

Additionally, they needed expertise to work across the entire stack of the application including feature scoping, UI development, API development, database management, deployments and production support. Our client expected our experts to be able to deliver on new features as well as the existing codebase. Lastly, they sought assistance with capacity testing their applications and performing scaling improvements where needed.

How It Was Solved

Working with the company, we gained a deep understanding of the architecture and the specific requirements to provide an augmented team that could do the heavy lifting in very short order.

Ideally, they were looking for team members with specific domain expertise in the trading space, as well as gain familiarity with an already large codebase quickly, and with an in-place technical stack (frameworks, languages and cloud provider).

The Results

Sphere was able to provide a working team to our client within the very short period of time they needed. In all, our team consisted of 3 JavaScript Engineers, a Python developer, a QA Engineer, and a Tier 2 support member. Our client was extremely satisfied with our embedded-team approach and continues to see Sphere Partners as a go-to partner to tackle development and strategic guidance for their digital products.