Why NetSuite for Order Management?

Automate order management and ensure accuracy all throughout the order lifecycle.

NetSuite makes order management more efficient through streamlined tracking tools. Take a look at how NetSuite can support your order management process:

  • Ensure accuracy through recordkeeping all in one application, easily accessed
  • Support with complex processes such as split shipments and dropship
  • Track and manage the flow of information across all of your fulfillment locations and providers
  • With a real-time view, fulfillment problems can quickly be resolved

With the help of a certified NetSuite partner, NetSuite’s cloud ERP system can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Reach out to an expert today to create your customized NetSuite order management environment.

NetSuite Order Management System Features

NetSuite ensures efficient order management across all sales channels, empowering businesses to exceed customer expectations and increase profits.

Take a look at the order management features below!

Multichannel Order Management

Make smarter decisions on how to best fulfill orders based on global inventory availability and predefined rules. Meet customer delivery expectations, including store fulfillment, direct ship from warehouses, and dropship.

Sales Order Management

Cash Management

Optimise the entire sales order management process by automating the order-to-cash process. Cashflow is significantly improved, removing bottlenecks and delivering orders on time within budget.

Pricing Management

Get full control of your pricing in one platform. Update pricing to maximize profits. Set up multiple price level, currency-specific and customer-specific pricing. Create promotions for all sales channels, including store and online, and get access to the data you need to analyze the effectiveness of your pricing strategy all within NetSuite.

Returns Management

The multichannel experience is extended to returns and exchanges. You can set rules to accept returns and exchanges from all channels and efficiently manage the credit process.

Industries That Benefit From NetSuite

Not the full list, but some of the top industries we help grow with NetSuite!

Marketing and Advertising

Sphere enables marketing and advertising agencies to maintain their creative culture while streamlining workflows and gaining insights into client and project-based accounting with NetSuite.

Core Capabilities
  • Increase Profitability
  • Manage Traffic
  • Collaborate as Virtual Teams
  • Gain Visibility
Financial Services

Sphere enables financial services companies to accelerate business performance with NetSuite.

Core Capabilities
  • Adapt to change
  • Innovate
  • Streamline compliance
Transportation & Delivery

Sphere enables transportation & delivery companies to strategically overcome challenges in maximizing operational efficiency and modernizing technology with NetSuite order management.

Core Capabilities
  • Modernize
  • Innovate
  • Reduce route costs
  • Accelerate delivery

Sphere has helped healthcare clients seamlessly optimize operational efficiency, scale to customer demand, reduce complexity, lower costs, and modernize.

Core Capabilities
  • Improve visibility
  • Adapt to the changing healthcare landscape
  • Streamline reporting
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Improve customer service and partner engagement

Sphere enables consulting companies to increase billable hours and profitability with integrated ERP and Professional Services Automation (PSA).

Core Capabilities
  • Optimized staffing
  • Manage profitability
  • Improve collaboration
  • Automate time and expense
IT Services

Sphere empowers IT companies to run better on NetSuite.

Core Capabilities
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Develop client relationships
  • Empower virtual teams
  • Improve project profitability

Sphere helps manufacturing companies use NetSuite to control, coordinate and manage every aspect of their operations in one order management application.

Core Capabilities
  • Global flexibility
  • Features specific to manufacturing
  • Quality management

Sphere enables retail companies to build their business around their customers with NetSuite, regardless of the channels they're using.

Core Capabilities
  • Global inventory
  • Order management
  • Unified omnichannel commerce
  • Financials
  • Ecommerce
Wholesale Distribution

Sphere enables distribution companies to evolve with the scalable, cloud ERP solution NetSuite.

Core Capabilities
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Modern sales experience
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse & fulfilment
Software & Tech

Sphere empowers software & tech companies with a scalable solution for modern technology companies with NetSuite order management.

Core Capabilities
  • Scale
  • Modernize
  • Streamline

Sphere is a certified NetSuite Alliance Partner

Sphere Partners is an Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner helping companies grow and run more efficiently using NetSuite order management systems. Our consultants work together with our engineers to understand your current setup and implement NetSuite customized to your requirements.

A one-stop-shop solution, our NetSuite team of experts can handle your development needs, from implementations to customizations, scripts, applications, integrations, websites, training and support. We have years of experience working with companies of all sizes and understand the challenges facing businesses that NetSuite can help solve.

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