• Preparing well defined architecture and design to ensure scalable,
      reliable, robust, secure, and easily maintainable application
    • Developing technology driven solutions based on Ruby on Rails,
      Python, Java or .NET
    • Following most suitable & proven methodologies throughout
      application development life cycle
    • Extensive testing & QA to ensure bug-free and bespoke end solution
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  • We professionally build:

    • Time sensitive, tailored Successes.
    • Enduring, ever evolving Solutions.
    • Masterfully coded Answers...and
    • Budget friendly, long lasting partnerships
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  • We follow Agile methodology, and, in particular, Scrum.

    • Scrum with 7-day or 14-day sprints
    • Continuous integration, TDD, code reviews, pair programming
    • Project tracking and collaboration using Jira,
      Confluence, SVN, Git and PM software
    • Code and demo are 100% visible at all times
    • Daily and weekly reports and plans
    • Regular meetings via Skype/GTM with minutes
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