The Challenge is the largest provider of on-demand mobility in Europe — far surpassing Uber — across four countries, 100+ cities, and servicing 7,000 global corporations. wanted to expand upon their current B2B services with a new and user-friendly platform, so they turned to Sphere Software to help build One Transport from the ground-up. One Transport is a web ordering and management platform that provides companies across 1,500 cities and 35 countries, access up to 200,000 different vehicles, from black taxis to executive cars.

How We Solved It

Sphere’s team of developers brought new ideas to help build and optimize One Transport for Gett’s B2B customer base. We created a user-friendly, front-office dashboard that allows companies to view statistics showing a company’s booking trends, create employee profiles and destination points, manage account roles, choose from six different vehicle options, create travel policy rules for individual users, and much more. Our developers implemented thorough testing phases with Code Climate and CricleCI to ensure the code was written with the highest possible quality.

The Results

Sphere was diligent in resolving all One Transport bug issues within 24 hours or less using Airbrake. Additionally, One Transport is only offered to Gett’s highest-rated black taxi and private hire drivers. This ensures the best-quality drivers for their B2B customers, as drivers cannot cancel their ride once a pick-up is confirmed. Sphere’s team also helped mentor new Gett employees on software development best practices, unit testing, and automated testing. Ultimately, this joint collaboration between Gett and Sphere Software lead to One Transport being nominated as a finalist for the 23rd Annual Business Travel Awards, under the category of “Best Ground Transportation Company” of 2018.