The Challenge

The NYC law firm bought the infrastructure and immediately began constructing the boards and automations they deemed necessary. Unfortunately, this cluttered their setup and prevented them from getting the most out of the platform. Employees stopped using it as a result, data was incorrect, and KPIs were not being met.

During discovery, the firm also inquired about as a potential replacement for their legacy legal tasks application, which was inadequate for managing the firm’s 400 monthly active cases.

How It Was Solved

In a discovery session, one of Sphere’s expert consultants analyzed the law firm’s current setup and discussed the ideal features and functionality that they would like to see in the final version of the setup. Sphere then began the process of rebuilding their platform in accordance with best practices and the company’s vision for the platform.

Sphere kept the client informed with daily updates, detailing the problems we discovered and how we fixed them, and helping to foster a sense of unity between our teams.

The Results

The law firm’s most pressing problems were resolved after Sphere redesigned We built a more effective and efficient platform tailored to our client to ensure they were making the most of the tool. As consultants for and other business systems, we continue to work with this client to turn their IT infrastructure into a productive asset.