The Challenge

Since the launch of Growth Multiplier, there was a need to enable access to the database from the clients of our client to support expedited/targeted recruiting efforts in the Loan Officer recruitment space.

Sphere was tasked with developing an integration between the Growth Multiplier Platform and Salesforce/Jungo to enable the transfers of data from the platform into the recruiter’s CRM (Salesforce/Jungo).

Without this integration, the data entry would be manual, which was very time-consuming and inefficient. So, Compass Mortgage and Growth Multiplier reached out to Sphere to enable speedy data push capabilities. 

How It Was Solved

We worked with our client closely to outline and draft the necessary workflows required to complete the integration:

  • Data fields that will be synced between Growth Multiplier and Salesforce/Jungo
  • Triggers required for the push functionality (UX Button)

Sphere then extended the functionality of the Growth Multiplier platform to enable the recruiters from Compass Mortgage to click a button within the GM platform that would send contact records (loan officers) directly into their Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce was responsible for deduping any records (update records vs record creation), and the API was successfully able to push 100’s of records at a time, significantly enhancing the Compass Mortgage Recruiters ability to run marketing campaigns against ideal, targeted loan officer prospects.

In addition, our project management and development team at Sphere Partners:

  • Set up AWS for the client and created a new AWS Lambda to extract data from Growth Multiplier UI, and push to Salesforce via “BULK API”.
  • Sphere mapped the new AWS Lambda via API Router to selected client endpoint within Salesforce
  • Updated Growth Multiplier frontend to include “Send to Jungo” button within existing platform
  • Tested and conducted QA between the two platforms to ensure reliable push/pull functionality

The Results

As a result of the integration, Compass Mortgage solved a number of problems related to data management and recruiting productivity. The results can be summarized by the following: 

  • Enabled recruiters’ access to additional insights for their recruiting efforts 
  • Higher conversion and better targeting of top performing mortgage lenders, enabled by the additional insights  
  • Significantly reduced workload of manual data entry via automatic CRM data push (500 records in seconds vs 1 record in a minute/s or more)
  • Increased efficiency of recruiters by enabling them to work exclusively within one environment (Salesforce/Jungo)