The Challenge

Sphere was approached by a video training platform startup for recruiters and job seekers that focuses on helping applicants land the perfect job by providing online mock interviews, expert mentor advice, personalized recommendations and video recording, so job seekers can be well prepared in their job search.

Our client was under considerable pressure to deliver the product from conception to completion, as they had a live contract and had a strict deadline to develop and launch their vision by the go-live date.

How It Was Solved

Our client had extensive design documentation, wireframes and functional specifications, but needed help with strategic market knowledge and the best approach to deliver the needed audio and video functionality in the platform. Specifically they wanted to ensure that the first release was built with scalable future growth in mind.

Sphere was tasked with identifying the best approach and which components to build vs. off-the-shelf cloud solutions (AWS, Chime, Zoom, etc). Ultimately it was decided that the client would use their own infrastructure based on the requirements and desire to fully control the solution.

Sphere helped to detail application workflows, user interface and logical data structures, plan and execute system development with a common agile framework.

The Results

While our client was a small team of successful entrepreneurs, they lacked development resources to execute their vision quickly. Working with Sphere, we delivered the V.1 product on-time, and are working with the client on the V.2 roadmap and launch.

Delivering complex software on-time and on budget is what we do.