Advantages of Offshore & Remote Staff Augmentation

At Sphere Partners, we offer on-demand IT staff augmentation services that satisfy any business’s technological needs and provide various benefits. Aside from bulking up your innovation team, augmenting your staff can provide numerous other advantages:

IT Staff Augmentation Companies Help You Save Time & Money

Training internal full-time staff members or new hires can be a timely process, and hiring new talent can be quite costly. Staff augmentation guarantees you’re putting an experienced candidate in the seat, bypasses lengthy HR practices for finding the right fit, and provides project managers more control during the hiring process.

An IT Staff Augmentation Firm Helps To Avoid Internal Conflict

Fully outsourcing projects can create tension and bitterness amongst your team. Combining the talents and knowledge of both internal staff and augmented staffers will give you the best of both worlds. After all, your internal members are essential for keeping a grounded understanding of the objectives for your business and stakeholders.

Effective IT Recruitment Services Help To Limit Risk

Because not nearly as many internal resources are being spent on staff augmentation, the benefits almost always outweigh the risks. Augmented employees are contingent workers. If your objectives are not being met, just know there is no long-term commitment, and that employee can be quickly and easily replaced with new talent.

Sphere’s Global Team Augmentation Development and Technical Talent Network

Sphere’s global team augmentation partners are experts in their various fields, with specific skill sets to get even the most challenging projects done simply and effectively. Assemble the team you need from our deep and diverse IT staff augmentation talent pool.


Our full-stack, back-end and front-end developers are experts in various coding languages and can operate within the most stringent timelines and policies.


UI/UX designers for software and mobile applications, websites, MVP's and more. From static screens to dynamic interactions, our designers bring your vision to life.

Project Managers

Scrum masters, technical and supportive project managers of every type; experts in various project management tools, waterfall/agile frameworks.

Data Professionals

SQL, Python, BigQuery, Tableau and more. Providers of data analysis, engineering, visualization, migration services and cybersecurity solutions.

Product Managers

Digital product managers with industry expertise in various areas. Drives your offering from ideation to creation.

Business Analysts

Azure DevOps, microservices offerings and more—reports on process and data flows, technology research, efficiency optimization.

Hire Top Talent

Teams on Demand: Is Staff Augmentation the Right Choice For You?

How to decide between hiring models

Is Team Augmentation the right choice for you?

Across every industry, staff shortages are a central problem. And, it’s creating some serious challenges for small to medium-sized businesses with limited resources.

As a potential solution, you might have heard about different hiring models and wondered what the difference is between them and other types of talent sourcing. If you’re curious about staff augmentation, staffing companies, or team augmentation and how they all differ from hiring a temp or a consultant, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created an eBook that explains the pros and cons of each hiring model, so you can best determine for yourself how to get your projects on the table done. You’ll learn the definition of staff augmentation and its key benefits along with “Who is staff augmentation for?” and other important questions. Gain insight into the pros and cons of different staffing models and dispel myths around staff augmentation.

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Global IT Staff & Team Augmentation Solutions

Our core expertise is to match diverse, globally-sourced talent to the specific and complex needs of our clients. Whether it’s a full-stack developer that can work seamlessly with your proprietary code base, to a designer that can create beautifully effective user interfaces leveraging cutting-edge practices, you’re simply getting the best resource from the world.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it straight from our world-class clients.


Gett is the European market leader of on-demand mobile transportation, delivery and logistics. They worked with our team to create an online, API-based system to accept and process delivery orders from the multitude of vendor partners.

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Groupon is a world-leading experiences marketplace, allowing consumers to discover fun things to do and local businesses to thrive. They approached our team to build a self-service API, enabling third-party providers to integrate with Groupon 50% faster.

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CreditNinja is a leading online lender offering more affordable personal loans for borrowers with low credit scores. They worked with our developers and database engineers to create a loan approval workflow, including custom integrations with their third-party services.

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Team & Staff Augmentation Engagement Models

Need a development team staged quickly and effectively? Our expert recruitment team handles the hiring process for you, based on your specific engagement needs. Our staffing models range from independently augmenting with your team, to creating a turnkey project/satellite team directly reporting to your product owner.

Staff Augmentation Models

Staff & Team Augmentation Case Studies

More case studies

Technical Staff Augmentation Meets Innovation

Businesses that utilize staff augmentation are reaping most of the rewards early on compared to businesses using outdated processes. One of the biggest reasons why more and more large enterprises are failing at innovation is because their processes are too slow and too calculated.

Where startups succeed is by taking risks and moving quickly on ideas they feel are innovative, and staff augmentation is one of the most innovative and modern ideas available.

If there’s one thing our Sphere Software teams have learned about innovation, it’s that one size does not fit all.

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Trusted, Global Software Developers for Companies Around the Globe

When engaging a typical software development company, you may just get a mixed bag of developers that barely work for the skillset required for your custom solution. But, with Sphere, we work as a trusted partner should: matching the best development talent from around the world to your company’s software environment, team, budget, timelines and more.

Here are a few key reasons why Sphere Partners has been trusted for more than 15 years:

  • Expertise: We have unparalleled expertise building scalable custom solutions to help you launch new products faster, optimize resources, maximize ROI and gain competitive advantage.
  • Simplicity: We’re flexible, easy to get started with, and ready for your project. From initial team setup to deployment and maintenance, we’ll ensure we meet your needs.
  • Satisfaction: Client satisfaction is our top priority – we will do everything we can to accelerate your business, remove technical constraints and eliminate bottlenecks.

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