The Challenge

Some of the existing APIs and services were outdated, did not support modern security protocols, and were hosted in various locations (on-premise and in the cloud).  

How It Was Solved

The project team designed a modern set of APIs based on the requirements. APIs were published and managed using Azure API Management service and protected using OAuth2 / OpenID protocols. API management provided subscription and access management capability, as well as a developer portal where APIs were documented and can be tested. Management and access restriction policies were applied. Connections to existing backends were established across on-premise and cloud deployments. The solution included full monitoring capability using Application Insights and Azure Monitor.   

The Results

The company was able to offer an enterprise-grade API program to external clients as well as to internal product teams. APIM enabled advanced monitoring and management of the existing API with detailed information on service consumption, utilization and performance. Clients have benefited from development and testing portal functionality and streamlined subscription process, as well as improved compatibility of the services’ security standards and availability levels.