The Challenge

90Seconds has three key user roles in the platform:

Brands – the brands that order a custom video
Creators – freelancers who carry out orders for shooting, installation, sound, etc.
Producers – Producers are 90 Second employees that liaison between brands and creators. These are production or account managers who make sure that the production process goes in the right direction, so that freelancers have good content, and that the same freelancers meet their deadlines.
All user roles work toward the same purpose – to bring ideas to reality as video projects. Coordinating these roles and their various tasks is an enormous challenge and continuity of user experience is one of the main reasons the product has been so successful.

How We Solved It

Bringing ideas to reality is harder than it appears.

For 90Seconds the goal is to reduce the amount of routine/mundane work performed by Producers so they can focus on proactively serving brands and creators. Eliminating mundane producer tasks such as daily health checks on various projects, questions, blockers, and deadlines allows prioritized work and more efficient customer service.

The Results

Matching logic and filters are a top UI/UX web innovation – allowing users to quickly find a needle in a haystack of needles. The ability to quickly and efficiently narrow results is an important part of positive user experience. The continuity of the user experience should always be an overarching theme. Users want to smoothly progress towards their goals while maintaining a sense of UI stability and continuity.

To accomplish this, Sphere developed a “matching framework” which matches various projects with the best producer. The matching framework includes multiple automations which improves producer efficiency and customer satisfaction. This includes reducing the need to search for projects that are at risk – a new algorithm identifies tasks at risk and automatically assigns them to the most suitable producer.