The Challenge

Our client was using an external CDP (Customer Data Platform) tool called Simon Data along with customer loyalty and retention metrics uploaded via SharePoint. Combining the data sets via Excel manually, they were able to craft monthly metrics/KPIs to showcase retention, churn and overall impact of their marketing campaigns. 

This was a heavily manual process, and the reports were being compiled with Excel data, and manually constructed within PowerPoint for presentation. So our client sought a way to automate the process of compiling reports that showcased marketing KPIs, such as retention, churn, new acquisition and average monthly spend. 

The existing process leveraged several disconnected tools that made the process tedious. They combined data from Simon Data and exported customer data via SharePoint to analyze campaign results. 

How It Was Solved

Sphere’s data engineer and BI specialist collaborated with the client to understand their needs, current systems in use and where the data resided. Based on the information gathered during the discovery, we proposed several solutions to our client that would automate the reporting process. 

Ultimately, the client selected to proceed with PowerBI mainly due to its simpler interface providing a seamless user experience. In addition, PowerBI could combine datasets without having to leverage an external database. 

PowerBI was utilized to combine all previously disconnected data into a single dataset within its platform. The reports were then generated within powerBI and could be refreshed on a daily cadence.  

The Results

The overall results our client saw was increased efficiency, reporting time saved and real-time reporting with frequent monitoring. The team reduced monthly effort by an estimated 40 hours per month that was previously spent building reports manually. The PowerBI implementation also enabled them to report on a granular level, moving monthly reports to daily KPIs monitoring if required.