The Challenge

Our client sought to better understand their customers through user behavior metrics. They have many different services available to their memberbase, and wanted to better understand how users are engaged with their avaialble services. They didn’t have the required resources in-house to derive such models on an ongoing basis, so they reached out to Sphere for a collaborative project to create such customer segments using robust data tools. Their leadership fees that such important insight visualized, would enable them to focus on the services their members valued most. 

How It Was Solved

Firstly, we brought in a data team to analyze the engagement in each service separately. Then, the team further defined groups of users who were engaged in multiple services at once. The most important group our team defined are the “Super Users” who were engaged and active in all of the available services. 

Sphere collated the data in a dedicated instance of AWS Redshift which combined all of the necessary usage data across the company’s services. Once compiled and collated, the queries were done using Looker and presented to Tableau for visualization and distribution of the reports.

The project took 2 months to complete and included a team of a data analyst, a staff manager and a BI engineer for data collation and normalization.

The Results

Through customer segmentation, our client was able to personalize their content targeted at different users. They were also able to uncover user trends they previously did not design for by analyzing raw data from their member’s usage data. Our work was able to provide to our client’s leadership actionable insights into their user behavior and engagement trend, and defined their most engaged and least engaged customer personas. Better understanding their customers and their different interests also meant that they could engage with them better, and target them with more relevant content, events and collated topics to improve the customer experience and level of engagement. The data also revealed new trends and opportunities for our client on how to attract and convert new customers who share similar customer personas and attributes.