The Challenge

Our client had previously migrated their CRM from NetSuite to Salesforce. This change affected primarily the customer support teams’s seamless ability to exchange information with the development team who relies on Jira.  Prior to the migration, the company’s NetSuite instance was integrated with Jira, and after the transition, this negatively affected both the product and customer support teams who lost the ability to sync and easily share reported issues and issue statuses between the teams and their associated systems. They recognized they had to connect Salesforce to Jira to continue enabling the data and communications exchange that they previously had between NetSuite and Jira.

How It Was Solved

The solution here which our team undertook was to build a customized integration between Salesforce and Jira. The Jira integration with Salesforce became a necessity in order for the customer support team to submit product escalations to the product team with necessary details, and for the product team to advise the customer support team and their customer client success managers on the status of their issues and resolutions. The custom-built integration ensured accurate up-to-date data is synchronized, consolidated and available to all relevant company’s representatives. 

In addition, customer requests can be created and updated from Salesforce, ensuring accurate customer version, patches and configurations are captured and available. Cross-functional communication and workflows were enabled to ensure reliable delivery of information in a two-way informational sync. 

The Results

The integration enabled both teams to swiftly get back to working efficiently and reduce the additional manual work and human error introduced when receiving and capturing service requests, manually opening Jira and filing investigation and escalation tickets for the product team. The enhanced automated workflow resulted in the customer support team being able to send requests to the product team, and the product team receives the required information within their Jira ticket through the integration.  The product team’s Jira workflow is followed and all updated statuses and resolutions are synchronized back to the customer’s issue record within Salesforce.

The Jira and Salesforce connection led to decreased unproductive time spent managing multiple platforms, removed manual entries and needless complexities and overall improved productivity for both the product and customer support teams.