The Challenge

Our client had been using Salesforce to manage their sales activities and Wrike to manage their production. Overall, they weren’t quite satisfied with Wrike for their production management, as they had to resort to a lot of manual work, and there was little clarity and visibility of projects. 

Upon finding out about as a PM tool and robust Work OS, our client decided to switch to 

How It Was Solved

We worked with our client to understand their current setup on Wrike and their requirements. We migrated their setup to and created custom automations to minimize the manual workload. 

In addition, we provided more visibility into production: a new sale in Salesforce created a variety of entries in and a work environment for this project with pre-populated tasks and connected the data from this environment to the analytics dashboards. 

The company has a custom structure to their Salesforce environment, multiple products with unique task sequences and multiple if-then sequences. We worked with our client to develop an architecture of the system, upon which we based our workflow development.

The Results

Our client was pleased with the migration of all their operations from Wrike to They are now seeing increased efficiencies by minimized manual work, and better visibility into analytics. We are still working with our client and are on the next phase of modifying the system to work in accordance with the change of logic the client has introduced to their Salesforce environment.