The Challenge

Our client didn’t have a process in place to track and understand why leads that didn’t progress in the pipeline ended up as lost opportunities. They wanted a deeper understanding of their sales data, such as win rates, lost deals revenue by deal types and more, all consolidated in a dashboard with impacting factors. They just began using TruSales but the sales data resided within Salesforce Sales CRM and the two did not talk to each other, metaphorically speaking. 

Salesforce CRM was used to manage contacts, the customer lifecycle and leads coming in. TruSales is a business intelligence tool used to track sales data, such as sales win rates and lost deals. To powerfully track sales progress and data and deliver it in robust reports on dashboards, Salesforce and TruSales would work best in conjunction. 

Our client recognized the best solution would be to connect the two. So, they reached out to us for support on creating this connection. 

How It Was Solved

To provide a solution, we built an integration between Salesforce and TruSales. This enabled data to be seamlessly yet selectively passed from Salesforce to TruSales. Selective Salesforce data was integrated and consistently made available to the TruSales platform for analysis and delivery of accurate, up-to-date reporting.  The reporting was in the form of up-to-date TruSales dashboards our client needed for review and analysis. 

Previously, to share data with TruSales, they would have to export, sanitize and import the data manually from one tool to another, before any insights could be gathered. This integration enabled the client to do this with the press of a button and control the breath of sensitive data being shared! The data is sent over routinely and faster, providing quicker access to business insights.

The Results

The integration between Salesforce and TruSales enabled our client to have the data they so urgently to give them the insights into lost opportunities so that they could use this knowledge and adapt their sales, marketing and business engagement strategies with prospective clients. The data is gathered from Salesforce and sent over to TruSales automatically. 

In addition, upon data transfer, an email notification is automatically sent to inform teams. The idea for this integration was brought by marketing as part of sales enablement, and it is beneficial to both teams by equipping them with valuable lead and customer data. 

Apart from sending the data from one platform to another, setting this integration up eliminated friction, manual transfers and human error often caused by manual work. Now, the marketing and sales departments have the data they need at their fingertips in a single source of truth system.