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Data Platforms

Our Solution Snowflake, Databricks & ThoughtSpot are leading data warehouse solutions, all providing cloud platforms for storing and managing data securely. Our data scientists understand the ins and outs of these platforms, so if you’re planning a migration or just require additional

January 14, 2021


ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence and big data analytics platform offering custom cloud solutions. It empowers every person in an organization to quickly uncover data-driven insights. Simple enough for anyone in a business to use, yet powerful enough to handle large, complex data without sacrificing speed, security or governance.

December 31, 2020


Databricks provides reliable data engineering, SQL Analytics on all your data, collaborative data science and production machine learning. Gartner named it “a visionary for data science and machine learning platforms”. Built on top of Apache Spark, Databricks is a Unified Analytics Platform that uniquely brings together data processing and

December 31, 2020


Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse providing full flexibility and scalability to load, integrate, analyze and securely share your data. The platform provides all benefits of cloud infrastructure, modern architectures design and full support for ANSI SQL. With Snowflake, you can make data-driven business decisions with access to just

December 31, 2020


monday.com is a customizable work OS where teams create and shape workflow apps to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, monday.com facilitates a more efficient and intuitive way to manage teams and organizations of all sizes. The platform connects people to

November 2, 2020

Google Cloud

As a Google Cloud Partner, Sphere has helped companies of all shapes and sizes harness the power of G Suite by helping them collaborate in real-time, reduce number of meetings, get clear visibility into co-workers’ schedules, improve security and efficiency of IT infrastructure, and more. The basic necessities for

October 9, 2020

Microsoft Azure

Sphere has helped businesses scale up and out with Microsoft Azure and in varied use cases. Whether you need strategy and guidance for a complex multi-cloud roll-out, help scaling machine learning models, moving from your dedicated data center to the Azure public cloud, or anything in between, we have

October 9, 2020

Amazon Web Services

Sphere has helped companies large and small harness the power of AWS and assisted them in building cloud-first systems on AWS using best-of-breed techniques that scale automatically, ensure uptime, business continuity and performance characteristics that fit your business. Whether you need strategy and guidance for a complex multi-cloud roll-out,

October 2, 2020

All Partners

Platform Advisory Service If legacy systems are slowing your growth, Sphere can help. Let us show you how to pivot intelligently to new technology while modernizing legacy IT. If you're wondering what the right technology platform is for your business, Sphere can assess your requirements, define a technology strategy,

September 8, 2020


Do you want to bring your entire business together with NetSuite? Sphere is an experienced Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner development firm and your one-stop shop for end-to-end NetSuite development and integration services. Sphere provides NetSuite consulting - from implementation, integration and customization, to training and support. NetSuite is an

August 27, 2020