The Challenge

The solution to be migrated was a multi-tiered application with web front-end, middleware services and databases, and multiple automation and integration features. Front-end applications were web applications with APIs running on Microsoft .NET. Middleware apps consisted of SSIS packages, custom executables and Windows Services. Backend databases consisted SQL Server with Always-On services. 

How It Was Solved

The project team designed a cloud infrastructure architecture that would satisfy performance, reliability, scalability and security requirements of the application. Front-end and middleware servers were migrated using snapshot tools into Azure VMs. Backend databases were migrated to SQL Server on Azure VMs, with Always-On capability. Connectivity to remaining on-premise services was ensured. 

The Results

The migration of the solution was performed within a planned maintenance window. Web users’ experience was improved with seamless transition to cloud deployment. Dependencies to other cloud-based solutions and remaining on-premise solutions were properly maintained.