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Sphere’s SAP Application Development Services

Application Development for SAP Reduce your SAP application development time by up to 30 percent with the help of Sphere Services. Launching your final product will be seamless, as our team of developers produce high-quality, low risk SAP applications that are quick-to-market. What You Will Learn Gaining a clear knowledge of your current IT

Sphere Partner’s SAP Analytics Services

SAP HANA In Memory Computing and Analytics Services Competing in today’s global marketplace requires your organization to be fast, precise, and datadriven with SAP Analytics Services. While traditional data warehouses serve their purposes, relying completely on them for business processes will get you left behind. What You Will Learn Connecting users with the right

Sphere Services for SAP ECC GRC and SCM

Sphere Services for SAP, ECC, and SCM As SAP’s S/4 HANA looks to increase productivity, reduce data volume, and allow for more overall flexibility, many companies will still operate on their traditional SAP applications such as ECC, SCM, and GRC. We understand that it’s not always easy to make the switch. Which is why

Smart Factory Assessments with Sphere Services

Smart Factory Assessments with Sphere Services 76% of today’s manufacturers use data to evaluate their factory’s efficiency. However, only 14% of those manufacturers are actually satisfied with the data, and only 6% are applying their data correctly. With a wealth of information at the hands of manufacturers, it’s vital for them to seek the

Flexible and Efficient SAP Cloud Migration

Flexible and Efficient SAP Cloud Migration Build and manage your SAP cloud Migration and modernization along with management, operational, and advisory services from Sphere Software. Migrating to the cloud allows for more flexibility and efficiency, all while reducing the costs and risks of running your business. What You Will Learn Benefits of Cloud Migration

Flexible and Efficient Digitization of SAP Environment

Digitization of Sap Environment Digitization of SAP Environment can be long an expensive. The licenses, implementation and the ongoing support can be costly. Too often, companies wonder what value was generated for the millions of Dollars spent and often justify the transition to SAP that it was a technological necessity and driven by a

Technical M&A Due Diligence Consulting Services Overview

Download an overview of Sphere's Technical M&A Due Diligence Capabilities Companies spend more than $2 trillion on acquisitions every year, yet the M&A failure rate is between 70% and 90%. How do you protect yourself against a bad acquisition? Software and technology is an incredible source of capacity, competitiveness, innovation, quality, and agility. It

Five Must-Haves When Choosing A Software Development Partner

Five Must-Haves When Choosing A Software Development Partner In our increasingly application-driven economy, creating software and services that business units demand has put IT and development teams under more pressure to deliver. To alleviate this strain, teaming up with an outside market-savvy software development partner gives your business a distinctive edge. But it takes time and

Feature Requests Vs. Technical Debt: What Is The Right Balance?

Feature Requests Vs. Technical Debt: What Is The Right Balance? We recently hosted a Tech Debate on the subject of technical debt and its’ impact in software development with two subject matter experts, Mark Friedgan, CEO of Credit Ninja and Mike Sandler, CIO at Eligo Energy LLC. The debate focused on striking the right