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A True Partnership: How Sphere Software Helped Gett It Done

A True Partnership: How Sphere Software Helped 'Gett' It Done Rapidly scale your development team – technical staff augmentation Gett ( Gett.com ) is the largest provider of on-demand mobility in Europe, far surpassing Uber. Gett is available in over 100 cities worldwide, and in London alone, more than half of all black cabs

April 15th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|

The Future Of FinTech Innovation

The Future Of FinTech Innovation FinTechs (financial technology firms) have exploded in recent years. With their incredible growth, FinTechs have gained billions of dollars worth of market share from established banks and other financial institutions. This has sparked a major industry debate: how is FinTech innovation disrupting the market? As a leading creator

April 15th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|

The Productive Advantage Of The Python Programming Language

The Productive Advantage Of The Python Programming Language Python ranks among the most popular and fastest growing programming languages. It has become the top language for coding education and technical interviews. Subsequently, a growing portion of developers now enter the industry with Python among the main development tools at their disposal. So, should your

April 15th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|

Five Must Haves When Choosing A Software Development Partner

How An Effective Service Desk Improves Productivity And Operations In The Mid-Market The reality is that many mid-market and even a significant number of larger organizations don’t have effective service desk software. They are running on spreadsheets or email and possibly decade old service desk software. An effective service desk provides the engine that

April 15th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|

Introducing Jira Software 8.0

  Jira Software 8.0 is the next chapter of Jira for enterprise teams, harnessing a speedy new engine built for scale. With this release, Jira users will be able to communicate updates and priorities more clearly, while system administrators will find it easier and less time-consuming to support the performance needs of growing

Application Management

Sphere's SAP Application Management Services Amid evolving markets, increased business competition, and ever-growing quantities of data, more organizations are turning to SAP applications to enhance their decision-making. As the demand for SAP applications has increased, so has their breadth and complexity with each new update and iteration. What You Will Learn Focus on Your

April 15th, 2019|SAP, Whitepapers|

Analytics Services

SAP HANA In Memory Computing and Analytics Services Competing in today’s global marketplace requires your organization to be fast, precise, and datadriven. While traditional data warehouses serve their purposes, relying completely on them for business processes will get you left behind. What You Will Learn Connecting users with the right data whenever and wherever

April 15th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|