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Three Options (and Tips) for Creating a Python AWS Lambda Function

  AWS Lambda is a service introduced in 2014 by Amazon,. It enables users to to run code without any needing a server from the user side. This means user does not need to find, configure, or maintain a server. Therefore the code setup time is reduced significantly, compared to the “old-school” from

Case Study – Gett

Gett is the European market leader in the on-demand mobile transportation, delivery, and logistics industry. Gett is available in over 60 cities worldwide including NYC, Moscow, and London.

Case Study – Ecommerce and Content Management

CASE STUDY CHALLENGEA global women’s apparel and accessories company had a dilemma. Every time content needed to be updated on the website, an IT ticket had to be entered and it took a long time to get new content published. It was a slow and inefficient process. The retailer was looking for a

Case Study – Ecommerce and Social Media

  Problem A Global Women’s Apparel and Accessories Company had a social media presence of 275,000 followers. They weren’t quite sure how to monetize this but knew they were missing an opportunity to do so. They wanted to create an instant, seamless shopping experience for customers through Instagram but needed help doing so.

Feature Requests Vs. Technical Debt: What Is The Right Balance?

Feature Requests Vs. Technical Debt: What Is The Right Balance? We recently hosted a Tech Debate on the subject of technical debt and its’ impact in software development with two subject matter experts, Mark Friedgan, CEO of Credit Ninja and Mike Sandler, CIO at Eligo Energy LLC. The debate focused on striking the right

Introducing our Sphere Heroes Program – Artem Korenev – Employee of the month

  At Sphere, employee recognition is a key component of our corporate culture. We believe in celebrating the successes of our talented people! One way we recognize our team members is though our  #SphereHeroes program. Every month we select a team member who shows exemplary individual achievement, contribution, and performance in their job.

March 7th, 2019|Employees, News|

What should you do when you outgrow QuickBooks?

What should you do when you outgrow QuickBooks? Are you drowning in spreadsheets and ad hoc workflows? Do you have too many systems that don't speak with each other? Are you evaluating NetSuite? If so, contact Sphere, your full-service NetSuite integrator located in Chicago.  Sphere works with distribution, manufacturing, service and software companies. In business

The Risks of Modernizing Legacy Technology Too Late

  Many companies consider the risks of modernizing legacy technology too late. One of the biggest questions facing any tech company is whether to start modernizing legacy technology or not. It’s unavoidable – advances in new software and programs are made every day, and there are countless options when it comes to bringing

February 14th, 2019|Insights, Modernization|

Tired of Microservices and Refactoring? Check Out These Alternative Legacy Modernization Strategies

  For companies not sure what migration approach will work best for them, we’ve created a comprehensive list of alternative legacy modernization strategies. When it comes to the necessary steps a company needs to take to keep up in today’s fast-paced tech climate, updating legacy systems is an absolute must. We’ve previously written

How to Plan For Machine Learning Projects

  The rise of artificial intelligence, or AI, is going to be seen as one of the major achievements of our time. While we still haven’t arrived at the grand dreams of science fiction, the strides that tech giants have already made have proved astounding. From digital assistants to the sublime weirdness of