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Building Desktop Apps with Electron for Xiaomi

  Smart apps designed to make our lives easier are becoming increasing popular. These range from fitness trackers to lightbulb controls.  When designing these apps, you may find you need to improve the user experience.  Or you need to access the raw data, but setting up a full stack project would be overkill

Improving Your App’s Accessibility for People Who are Disabled

  According to the World Health Organization, about one billion people across the world have some sort of disability today. Some disabilities can affect the life of someone daily, other disabilities can affect the life of someone periodically. Regardless of ability (or disability), all are equal users of technology, but those who are

Design Thinking: The Competitive Advantage of Turning Everyone into a Designer

  “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”                                                         – Victor Hugo “Design is really an act of communication, which means having a

Hanami: A Full-featured, Lightweight Alternative to Ruby On Rails

  Hanami is a Ruby MVC web framework made up of small, single-purpose libraries that can be used independently.1 It promotes strong architecture through the use of plain objects, as opposed to magical, overly-complicated classes. Whereas Ruby On Rails is a noisy metropolis, containing functionality you may never need or use, Hanami lets

A Full-featured guide on Implementing Autotests

  Reasons to create autotests BI solutions are usually designed to help businesses make decisions about their companies. Can you imagine a situation in which a decision is made based on incorrect data? It could lead to serious problems for the company.  It is therefore very important to have trusted and reliable data

Are Chatbots the Next Generation of Customer Service?

  Whether or not you realize it, many of us have actually welcomed chatbots and AI assistants into our homes or personal lives. The breakthrough of chatbots on our personal devices took place when Apple introduced Siri on their iPhone 4S in 2011. AI assistants like Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s

5 Steps for Creating a Minimum Viable Product

  Recently, one of our clients asked us how to ensure that their prototype launch was successful. In our climate of constant innovation, technologies are becoming obsolete at a never-before seen rate. There are, of course, no guarantees -- but using a “Minimum Viable Product” approach is the best place to start. In

How to craft a winning mobile strategy

  When one of our fortune 500 clients asked us how to increase their effectiveness on mobile platforms, our answer surprised them. The average person looks at his/her smartphone over 150 times per day, totaling over 3 hours of screen time. Thus, as a business owner, it is essential for you to reach

Why ROR Applications Should Consider Adding GoLang to Their Stack?

  Before Go, many companies used RoR as their primary framework for quick prototyping and placing their solution on the market as quickly as possible. To this day, RoR continues to win the position of being the most feature-rich and productive web framework. But sometimes, using an old instrument like RoR for anything

The Importance of Company Culture and Managing Remote Development Teams

  Year after year, employees across a wide spectrum of professional fields are finding themselves working more remotely; and as communication technologies advance, this number will surely increase. There are even companies now that build almost their entire workforce remotely — and some are able to yield just as good, if not better