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Outsource Better: 27 Ways to Make Remote Development Teams More Effective

Outsource Better: 27 Ways to Make Remote Contract Development Teams More Effective When it comes to improving the performance of remote development and consulting teams, keeping them engaged can be a challenge. This white paper explores 27 ways to make remote contract developers more effective, more productive, happier, and more aligned with your culture.

August 7th, 2019|Featured, Whitepapers|

Implementing Agile in Unexpected Places

  At a recent TechDebate in Chicago, we discussed implementing agile and apply agile to traditionally non-agile scenarios. We had a lively exchange, and fortunately, I had the chance to discuss the topic further with one of the panelists, Thanisha Paniak, Agile Program Leader at Capital One.  Sphere Software hosts a series of

Remote Development & Business Process Teams – Considerations for Success

  George Michelson is a software development and business process expert with Sphere. He has extensive experience managing both in-house and remote teams around the world. Earlier this year, George participated on a TechDebate panel discussing considerations for managing remote development and business process teams. Techdebates.org was about managing remote teams and I

High-Performance Computing Use Cases

  Understanding High-Performance Computing Use Cases Some background Cloud computing as a business is fairly new. It was introduced by Amazon in 2006, followed by Google beta product in 2008, and last but not least - Microsoft released its first version of Azure in 2010. Since then clouds have been evolving at an

High-Performance Computing

A child asks her Father: Daddy, what are clouds made of? The Father answers: High-performance computing mostly, my child. Introduction to High-Performance Computing In the past few years the Cloud business has truly taken off and the existence and significance of cloud computing can no longer be ignored. At least not if you

Agile planning – building an agile organization

  Agile Planning - Creating and Reaping the Benefits of an Agile Organization The legendary boxer Mike Tyson once said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." While Tyson has plenty of areas of personal weakness, his ability to approach a boxing match in an agile manner was unmatched.

AI and HR – Disruption is Coming

  AI and HR - Disruption is Coming HR is widely regarded as one of those ‘human’ jobs that will be hard to replace with AI. It’s similar to psychology and other domains that require a high level of EQ, communication skills, and profound personal touch. The common preconception is that human resourcesoperations


How do you outsource better? When it comes to improving the performance of remote development and consulting teams, keeping them engaged can be a challenge.  How do you ensure that they’ll be aligned with your mission? How do you integrate them and make them part of your team? How do you encourage

July 10th, 2019|Featured, Insights|